Customised Incentive

Monfray’s Notebook Back

A mystery comic strip to live out your adventure

The notebook of the adventurer Paul-Henry Monfray contains a secret that only you, assisted by Clothilde and Victor, can discover after an investigation full of surprises in the streets of Toulouse.
With the help of a comic strip “road map” and a game kit in the rucksack of the adventurer, teams collect clues and overcome educational challenges.
To reach the rallying points, there are clues and a map of the city. Each team has a different itinerary, but they will cross each other’s paths. There will be educational or sporting activities at each point, where information can be shared and clues picked up.
The ultimate objective is to overcome a final challenge together and discover a message.


Strong points

  • Promote exchanges
  • Devise a collective strategy
  • Teamwork
  • Time optimisation
  • Revelation of competences