Menus & Breaks

All the fruits and vegetables in our menus are organic
Gluten-free bread is available on request


  • Wake-up coffee (8€ ex-Tax)

    Nespresso and Dammann tea in the early morning. Wake up with Alain Millat fruit juices, and LENÔTRE Viennese pastries

  • Ô Village (12€ ex-Tax)

    Locally sourced, flavours and traditions: find Marius and Fanny on the village square and revisit the markets of days gone by.

  • Fraich' Attitude (12€ ex-Tax)

    Organic fruits and vegetables dance for you; Discover our fresh garden, full of flavour. Bread, jam, pastries for your enjoyment

  • Road 66 (12€ ex-Tax)

    Get on your Harley and go to the conquest of the made-in-USA gastronomy. Cookies & muffins for your enjoyment.

  • Granny’s treats (12€ ex-Tax)

    She invites you round for tea, come discover what she’s prepared for you. There will be no lack of homemade pies or thick chocolate. Do not decline her invitation

  • So Fruit (12€ ex-Tax)

    Colours, flavours, freshness: the fruits take precedence in the smoothie, ratatouille ... Fill up on your vitamins

  • It’s break-time (12€ ex-Tax)

    The bell for break-time has rang: sweets, sandwiches and chocolate; Dive back into your childhood

  • Around the club (12€ ex-Tax)

    Between Big Ben and Piccadilly, club sandwiches are enjoyed in all shapes and sizes. Salty, sweet: a real culinary delight.

  • Crêpe Party (12€ ex-Tax)

    Today is a day of celebration and it's time to taste it for foodies. Pancakes with jam or honey: are available for everyone.

Prices excluding taxes, per person.